Our Beautiful Photo Booth

Our booth is stunning and one of only a handful in the country made from polished stainless steel for durability and strength. It’s aesthetically pleasing with illuminated side panels to blend into the surrounding area. The booth can be customised with backlit acetates to suit your marketing needs or just to be personalised for your special day making the booth look unique at an affordable price.

Our operators man the booth for the duration of the event and are smartly dressed in a black shirt and dark trousers or can wear a uniform to suit your needs. The booth produces 6” x 4” prints or multiple images on one sheet (including your branding if required). 

We can also make key rings, immediately send photos to Facebook/email and survey users after the photo.

Our Beautiful Photo Booth

Booth Features

Customise The Photo Booth

  1. Totally and affordably rebrand the outside of the booth with your own branding or promotional  campaign.
  2. Includes hundreds of free, customisable Templates for print and screen
  3. We can create your own  bespoke print template or add and edit a third party one.
  4. Themed and interactive screens
  5. Video, music, sounds and voice prompts
  6. Attraction features including videos and slideshow
  7. Built in Surveys, Quizzes and Data Collection
  8. Animated GIF with Animated Overlays & Backgrounds
  9. photo share via email to help build up your mailing lists


Personalise Your Experience

  1. Booth Share – built in social kiosk mode for sharing photos, videos and GIFs
  2. Facebook Posting, MMS/SMS Integration, Dropbox Integration
  3. Slideshow with Photos, GIF, Videos, Instagram
  4. Print the photos with all manor of filters such as black & White, Antique, and sepia effect etc.
  5. automatic face detection to correspond to the number of prints printed
  6. Large selection of props to suite the occasion
  7. Green screen we can use a digital images of your choice
  8. Take, re-take, choose size and favourite photo
  9. Photo, Video & Slow motion
  10. Themed screens with sound
  11. Quizzes, contests, winner

3 Hours Hire – £499 (Saturday or Sunday)

Memory Album (printed copy of each photo your guests take)

Unlimited Prints

Prop Box

USB Stick Including all Photos

Facebook Upload (optional)

1 Operator

4 Hours Hire – £599 (Saturday or Sunday)

Memory Album (printed copy of each photo your guests take)

Unlimited Prints

Prop Box

USB Stick including all photos

Facebook Upload

1 Operator

3 Hours Hire – £399 Weekday Party Offer (Mon – Thurs)

Unlimited Prints

Prop Box

A USB Stick including all Photos

Facebook Upload

1 Operator

The funny thing is, it actually works.

You won't fail but to have a good time!


The perfect accessory, we guarantee our Photo Booth will enhance your special day. Fun for everyone with the following features;

  1. Comprehensive box of quality props.
  2. Unlimited lab quality 6×4″ prints
  3. Two copies are printed for each session, one for your guests and the other for them to write a message on and put into a memory box for you and your partner
  4. Personalised message on each print
  5. Green screen allowing any digital image to be used as a background
  6. User interface can be personalised to your event
  7. Backlit side panels to blend into the environment
  8. Video messaging available, these can also be supplied to videographer should you want them used in your video
  9. Photo frames for you to place on tables to encourage guests to use the booth

Reception packages start from just £450 including personalised message on prints, unlimited prints and inclusive props.

We are happy to listen and work with any ideas you may have to make your special day even more memorable.

Please note that there may be a travelling fee should your event be outside of West Midlands.

Night Clubs

Our booth is ideally designed for the club environment, featuring;

  1. Customisable acetates carrying your branding on the side panels
  2. Customer control panel that can be personalised to suit your needs, including type of photos available, backgrounds/watermarks and own branding on user interface
  3. Images emailed to address specified by the client or end user
  4. Real time photo uploads to Facebook event page
  5. Customer feedback surveys for end user
  6. Smartly dressed helpful operators
  7. Comprehensive prop box
  8. Green screen capability allowing any image to be superimposed as a background
  9. Client branding/watermark on photos

Packages start from £499 per event (usually 5 hours) including unlimited 6” x 4” prints.

We are more than happy to discuss bespoke packages that could include charging the end user directly for prints or key rings. Discounts apply for events over more than one day.

Corporate Events

From one day to week long events we can cater to your needs and understand that each campaign and company has different marketing needs. Our booth features;

  1. Photos with your logo watermarked
  2. Customisable user interface
  3. Option to capture end user email addresses
  4. Survey carried out on end users
  5. Backlit side panels including customisable acetate
  6. Instant upload to Facebook event page
  7. Photos emailed to yourself or end user
  8. Video messaging
  9. Green screen allowing any digital image to be superimposed as a background

At seeyourselfonline.com we pride ourselves in being adaptable so can provide bespoke packages, please contact us to discuss.


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