We are in these venues with a legitimate interests but we do very much respect your privacy.

We try to make every effort to make you aware that photographers may be working at as many points as possible.

Venues that we have permission to trade in will have signs up notifying you photographers my be present.

Our staff can be identified by uniforms and lanyards branded with seeyourselfonline.com Logos

Photo of events are edited and sorted through. All that have made it through the selection process by not being deleted will be security watermarked and uploaded to our website for sale.

A proportion of these will be shared between the venues for the social media and a small proportion to the press for promotional purposes.

While all sold images will be uploaded to both our website and Facebook.

We never intentionally want to cause upset with an image. Should you want an image removed from our website or our Facebook please refer to our FAQ on the procedure.

Email Database

Once an online transaction is carried out, your address if submitted, and email address is stored on our dedicated server.

We very rarely use this database but do reserve the right to do so for purposes to benefit our clients and company.

We will NOT be making it available to any third parties out side of the group.

All email campaigns will include an opt out option within the document should we start.

If you would rather us not hold your address for these purposes then please send an email to info@seeyourselfonline.com asking to be removed from the database.

Email correspondence.

We do hold all email correspondence for reference only, these addresses will never get used for anything else other than reference.